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1: Tyre selection: To select the correct tyre to safely run on your vehicle always check the manufacturer's websites "tyre selector" prior to purchasing any tyres. This will guide you through the correct selection process so you are confident you are running the correct tyre for your vehicle,


Exhample speed and load rating chart: http://toyotires.com.au/tyre-tips/load-speed


EM Tyre Supply has access to the full range of Toyo tyres at competitive pricing for all ranges of passenger, truck, bus and SUV tyres.

2: * Note:  (Online store under construction and not available at this time) Advertised pricing in our online store  - does not includes GST, this component is added once you step through the PayPal process.

3: * Freight

Prior to purchase of goods please confirm frieight costs to your preferred location. Quotes shall be provided for you on request.

4: * Availability

At the time of placing this offer online, amply stock is available from the manufacturer's warehouse. If the warehouse does not have stock available when your order is placed we shall contact you as soon as possible to discuss lead times or replacement products.

EM Tyre Supply does not have tyres stored in their own warehouses as we deal directly with the manufacturer and their warehouse coordinators to supply products. We offer product lines available at the time but do not have access to the direct availability of stock until we enquire and place orders. In some cases stock may be depleted without our knowledge, in these cases we shall ensure the customer is advised.

 5: * Insurance

It is the responcibility of the buyer to obtain insurance for goods in transit. Insurance costs shall be the responcibility of the buyer.

6: Receipt of goods

Delivery of the goods shall be deemed to occur when goods are delivered to the address nominated by the customer and handed to the customer. If the customer fails to accept the goods or if the nominated place of delivery is unattended or if the delivery cannot be otherwise affected during normal trading hours beyond the control of the transporter/carrier, the transporter/carrier will return the goods to their depot, a fee may be applied to the customer in these cases. If applicable a fee may be charged by the transport company and shall be directed to the customers account. This fee must be paid in full to the transport/carrier before any goods are re-dispatch to the customer. EM Tyre Supply has no holding over this process as the transport/carrier may require payment before redelivering products.

The goods shall be dispatched or delivered on the next available business day. The transporter/carrier and or EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge for further fees in relation to any further deliveries that are deemed by its nominated transporter/carrier to be incomplete. To the extent permitted by Law the customer shall be responsible to transporter/carrier and or EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd for any extra costs incurred as a result of failure of the customer to take delivery of the goods. Transporter/carrier and or EM Tyre Supply are entitled to withhold goods until such costs are paid in full. EM Tyre Supply shall apply this only if the transport/carrier company invoices EM Tyre Supply for additional costs as incurred as above.

7: Bidding and Purchasing - Terms & Conditions
All sales are final once completed online, if cancellation is requested these transaction shall incur a $30 restocking fee to all buyers who request to cancel a transaction after committing to any purchases. The $30 restocking and handling fee shell be deducted from the account prior to credit. If the goods have been transported all freight cost to and from the customer shall be the responsibility of the customer to pay. Delivery and return freight cost shall be deducted from the customers refund, if the account does not cover these costs the customer shall be invoiced the remaining costs.
Note: If transactions are captured early and no orders or transport has been arranged from the manufacturer, EM Tyre Supply shall only deduct fund applied to our account to cancel the transaction and or payment of any commissions for services used through online links or PayPal or bank transferrers. Our intent is to make these mistakes as close to cost neutral for the customer.
It is your responsibility as the customer to select the correct product/s suitable for your vehicle/s application, speed and load ratings, before you start bidding or purchase any products. Once you have selected an item/s you enter a legally binding contract which you understand what you are purchasing and the tyres are the correct size, speed and load rating for your vehicle. We shall try our very best to accurately describe the items listed, some slight errors may occur, please contact us if you are unsure or find anything doubtful. It is the customer’s responsibility to check and confirm the listing details for all purchases. It is recommended the customer checks the manufacturer tyre selector to confirm details match their vehicle and application.


EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd shall guarantee the quality of all the new tyres we supply, all warranty claims shall be as per the tyre manufacturer, EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd and the shipping companies “Terms and Conditions”.
Should you discover a manufacturer's fault after the purchase, the disputed item must be returned at customer expense to EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd. If after examination by EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd and the manufacturer’s representative, this shows that the product/s has failed in normal operations due to defects in the product, EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd will arrange repair or replacement of the product/s with no additional cost to the customer. Such repair or replacement shall not include installation, freight charges or any other associated costs. This warranty is not applicable to products which have been subject to incorrect fitment, corrosion of the finish due to neglect, chemicals, and/or adverse weather conditions, impact damages, age, on road use and or any off road use.
Any modifications or additions to your vehicle are of your own accord and it is up to you to determine if tyres/wheels will fit with modifications, suitable for the load and speed ratings and legally fits on the vehicle. EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd cannot guarantee products if during or after fitment there are any modifications to your vehicle or the incorrect product is selected.
All pictures are for illustration purposes only and taken from the manufacturers advertise publications. Some slight variations may occur. Note: Tyres not advertised as a tyre and rim package are for the sale as a tyre/s only, the rim/s in these picture are for illustration purposes only.
Once bids are completed online and you are accepted the purchase this is a binding contract between EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd and the customer. All items must be paid for through PayPal transactions.
We are more than happy to answer all your questions but the final decision to purchase is your decision, therefore we must “insist” you do your research and select only tyres/wheels suitable for your vehicle, suitable for the loads and speed ratings of the vehicle, that your product selection is legal on your vehicle and suited to the application of the vehicle.


Tyres shall be shipped within 7 working days once payments have cleared in EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd accounts, and can be shipped to any address you specify at the advertised cost as long as you are within the deliver area above. (refer to dot point 3: Freight) and order four or more tyres in one order/transaction. Outside these areas shipping costs shall occur. EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd only ships to addresses listed as directed by the customer when purchasing products, all deliveries must be signed for on delivery.


If you have a PO Box number assigned as your address, please note we do not send to PO boxes therefore you must contact us and supply a delivery address for your goods. Goods shall be held until a delivery address is supplied.

For the purpose to keep communications clear, if the customer feel comfortable enough contact details such as, an email address, landline and or mobile numbers shall assist us to keep in touch with you if there are any delays or issues with your delivery.

If EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd supplier has insufficient stock to deliver the goods ordered by you, we shall notify you as soon as possible to advise about lead times for the product/s ordered. Any sum of money received shall be credited to your account as soon as possible if the lead time is not acceptable. EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered. EM Tyre Supply shall offer products from other manufacturers as replacement, if accepted by the customer. Credits or charges may apply when changing products, both parties must be agree with the terms of change over before proceeding with any changes.


If the customer advises EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd within 14 calendar days after the customer has received delivery of the goods, that the goods are not suitable an agreement must be sort between the customer and EM Tyre Supply that the goods may be returned in exchange for another brand/size of the same style/size equal to or to a higher value. The goods must be in the same state and condition as prior to delivery and must strictly be unfitted or mounted or driven on. The customer shall be required to pay for the cost of the return shipping, and for the cost to send any replacement products.

If a customer wishes to exchange goods for a higher value product than the original, the customer shall be required to pay the difference and shipping costs for the return products and shipping of the replacement products if outside the delivery area as in dot point 3: Freight

All above exchanges shall incur a $30 restocking and handling fee.

All request for returns must be in writing and sent within 14 days after delivery, details must include, Full Name, contact number, address and a description of the reason for the return. EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd shall not accept returns if the client selects the incorrect products for the vehicle/s


We do not accept refunds. Ref to RETURNS statement above


All used and second hand product/s sales are as is condition, EM Tyre Supply shall endeavour to accurately describe the items listed, some slight errors may occur, please contact us if you are unsure or find anything doubtful. It is the customer’s responsibility to check and confirm the listing details prior to all purchases. Used and or second hand tyres do not come with warranty, replacement, refund or returns for these products.


All account holders must complete an account application form, once accepted your shall hold a 14 day account with  EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd. (see "Business Sales" for details) Business account holders are strictly on a 14 day credit account only, EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd " Thank you for your business and appreciate your support, we appreciate all payments to be received within 14 days from the presented date on the invoice."  Please Note: "There shall be a 1.5% interest charge per month on all late accounts"

Business Account Exclusions: Freight arrangements, freight costs, stock availibility, used tyre sales (as is), gray market tyre sales (as is), shipping, oversea sales and upfront payment terms shall be as per correrspondence and invoiced terms for each customer.

Business Sales: All business sales shall start with upfront payments prior to goods being shipped, once a line of credit is established the 14 day account shall be considered. This shall be under the descression of EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd.


Email: please send any enquiries to: emtyresupply@bigpond.com - or sales@emtyresupply.com


All manufacturer terms and conditions are advertised on their website/s, it is encouraged the customer reads the terms and conditions of each manufacturers product to have a clear understanding of the T’s & C’s.

EM Tyre Supply shall work with the manufacturer and shall abide by any recommendations as required by the manufacturer for products sold.


By bidding & purchasing any of our products you are accepting EM Tyre Supply Pty Ltd terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the manufacturer/s and freight companies.

Terms and Conditions

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